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Legal Notes

Terms of Service

By entering and utilising this website, you agree with the terms and conditions of the website usage and how the data is procesed. If these terms are not acceptable by you, please do not use the services offered by Your use of this website shall indicate acceptance of the stated terms and conditions. Further, you represent that you have the legal power to enter into the stated terms and conditions of the website. In case you act on behalf of an entity, you confirm that you have the respective authority to represent and act on behalf of such entity whilst entering and utilising this website.

General Use Acceptance by You Including Disclaimer of Liability and no Warranties

The views expressed in the publications and in general on the website do not necessarily reflect the views and/or understanding of other professionals, institutional bodies or individuals. You may use these publications and other parts of the website for non-commercial purposes, provided that you have cited, which, including Ersteberg s.r.o., an owner of and its affilates, will not be held liable for any errors, damage or other consequences and events.

You voluntarely agree and assume that all risks and consequences resulting from you sharing your personal and professional information as well as utilising and applying received information via the website and/or subsequent communication with us via email and/or, for example, Zoom video conference call, you agree and waive all lossess, consequneces and any type of damages directly or indirectly associated with the information disclosure to us and specifically agree to release and discharge us and our affilates, representatives and our employees, partners, agents and third party licensors from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, claims and expenses, including attorneys’ fees. You voluntarely agree that by utilisng the website, its content, offered services, received communication and materials you are withdrawing the right to a court, jury trial or to participate in any other related action.

Consent Granted by You

We may collect and process the following information about you, but not limited to, once you complete the forms, subscribe or purchase services on the website. Such information may include your name, contact information, email and phone number. Further, we may keep a record of  a correspondence between us and you. We will not share this information with "external" parties, unless this is required, for example, when you initate payment for the services or schedule an appointment with us.

Use of Cookies & Tracking Software

We may use cookies and tracking software to allow us to better understand user experience. It has to be noted by the users that if they wish to reject the use and saving of cookies from the website on to their computers (or any other means of equipment used), they should take necessary steps within their web browsers security settings to block all cookies from this website and its external serving vendors. With the use of cookies and tracing software we do not store or collecty your personal information, unless you subscribe or buy services with the website.


Users are highly advised to disclose information in regards to their personal and/or professional details with due care, be it through the offered services or submission forms on the website and/or through other resources like social media platforms and interaction platforms.

Purchases and Services

The purpose of the website is to allow to learn about offerings and services available and its purchase and respective advisory and communication efforts provided by and through Further, the website may enable you to subscribe and submit enquiries. You acknowledge your compliance with the terms and conditions and other policies, including purchase policy, set out on the website (further "Policies"). You accept that all services and purchases on the website are final, non refundable, unless stated or agreed otherwise.

Last updated 15th March 2023

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