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About Us

With a strong history of successful market entries and strategic acquisitions, we excel in budgeting and capital planning, ensuring efficient resource allocation and risk mitigation. Our expertise extends to securing tailored financing solutions and managing cash flow dynamics with finesse, fostering stability and sustainable growth.

We pride ourselves on assembling high-performing teams, fostering collaboration and talent development to drive exceptional results. Additionally, our commitment to transparency is reflected in meticulous board reporting, providing stakeholders with comprehensive insights and upholding trust and confidence.

Furthermore, our proactive approach to market analysis and continuous monitoring of industry trends allow us to identify emerging opportunities and anticipate potential challenges. By staying ahead of the curve, we empower our clients to make informed decisions and adapt to evolving market dynamics effectively. This forward-thinking strategy, coupled with our unwavering dedication to excellence, ensures that we remain at the forefront of industry innovation and deliver tangible value to our clients across every facet of their business operations.

In summary, our holistic approach encompasses market entry to board reporting, executed with precision and a relentless pursuit of excellence, poised to deliver value and drive success in every endeavour.

Industry Focus

Our dedication to industry-focused excellence is exemplified by the expertise and experience of our core team members: Dr Mihails, Mr Greg, and JUDr Jiří.


With their strategic commitment to delivering impactful projects, our core objective is to provide valuable and tailored financial planning, risk analysis, fintech, insurance, and legal advisory services.


We ensure that our advisory offerings are underpinned by comprehensive knowledge and strategic insight, enabling us to effectively address the diverse needs of our clients.

Dr Mihails Kuznecovs


Mihails has a track record of delivering strategic initiatives in the energy, renewables, healthcare and retail. His notable project is construction of US$ 410m clean power plant. He is a Board member of various organisations.

Mr Greg Loayon


Greg is a qualified accountant, risk analyst and certified insurance professional. Greg serves as a General Manager & Senior Executive Officer for the Zurich Insurance Life, for the State of Qatar division.

JUDr Jiří Voršilka


Jiří is a co-founder of Voršilka Prokůpek attorney-at-law office. His professional career dates back to 1982 when he served the District Court and, later, as a judge for the City Court of Prague.

Our Leadership

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